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Maximize your funding in 40 days.

Preview of Mighty Ally Brand Bootcamp on a mobile phone

Do you feel unseen, unheard, and underfunded?

Build your brand from the inside out with our proven Four A’s framework. And fuel your fundraising by becoming fundable and findable.

Brand Bootcamp is a self-paced, online video course. We’ll guide you to boost your internal communications capacity. Which will boost your funding.

Our consulting engagements cost tens of thousands. But you can access the exact same Four A’s framework and curriculum for just $399 USD.

What you get.

  • 40 days of video content in a single path (but go at your own pace!)
  • A combination of Global North + Global South guides with an international funding perspective
  • A customizable, one-page Google Slides template for your theory of change, positioning strategy, marketing communications & strategic plan
  • Your own certificate of completion to be used for professional development credit
  • Instant, lifetime access including future Brand Bootcamp updates
  • BONUS: four case studies from real-world consulting clients, presented by Founding Partner Kathleen Souder
Laptop and collage of screenshots previewing the Mighty Ally Brand Bootcamp online course

What you’ll learn.

  • Introduction — 2 lessons
  • Theory of change — 6 lessons
  • Positioning strategy — 6 lessons
  • Marketing communications — 6 lessons
  • Messaging & storytelling — 4 lessons
  • Visual identity — 2 lessons
  • Pitch deck — 2 lessons
  • Website strategy — 2 lessons
  • Corporate/CSR partnerships — 2 lessons
  • Strategic plan — 6 lessons
  • Wrap up — 2 lessons
  • BONUS — 4 case studies

What people say.

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“I am gaining a lot from this much-needed branding guide. A must-have for any entrepreneur.”

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“Three days into the Bootcamp, I am already seeing holes in my brand strategy and implementing changes as each day unfolds. As a non-profit leader, this bootcamp is a treasure trove.”

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“The course provided invaluable, actionable guidance, leading to tangible improvements in our brand positioning. Remarkably, within a short span, these adjustments yielded a nearly 50% increase in website traffic."

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“I have been working for NGOs for over five years now, and have never had such an ‘ah-ha’ moment as I have had ✨ multiple times ✨ throughout this course. AND, I am only halfway through.”

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“Can’t recommend this enough ✨🙌🏽”

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“This bootcamp feels like it's just what we need. It's clear to us that our brand position could unlock our heritage and will be a catalyst for greater reach, more impact, and longevity."

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

"Absolutely eye-opening. The way you described the brand-building process just makes sense. I can finally see the whole picture."

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“A MASSIVE shout out to Mighty Ally’s online course - I am halfway through and it has been transformational. Every lesson has been a gem!”

Mighty Ally advisor David Auerbach

“I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for best practices and frameworks to build a stronger brand. The result will be strategic clarity and a clear message.”


Your guides.

Portrait of Kevin L. Brown, Co-founder & CEO of Mighty Ally

Kevin L. Brown


Kevin is a master at building brands. His roots are in the ad agency world — helping his first four companies scale towards acquisition. He’s guided orgs ranging from fintech start-ups to Apple, and LIVESTRONG to Impact Hub. Kevin is an Acumen Fellow and advisor for Roddenberry Foundation.

Portrait of Evan Wanjiru, Co-founder of Mighty Ally

Eve Wanjiru


Eve has significant brand-building experience in Africa, having worked for market research agency Ipsos, tech start-up Jumia, and a boutique ad agency in Uganda. She has engaged big brands from Unilever to Stanbic Bank, and guided dozens of early-stage orgs through an East African accelerator.

What else?

Who is the course for?

In reality, anyone who wants to learn about brand building for nonprofits. But we designed this course especially for early-stage nonprofit leaders and their teams. Plus growth-stage nonprofit fundraising and comms departments.

Will I see funding results?

No online course can make a guarantee. But if you follow the entire curriculum and put in the work on your brand, we’re convinced this Bootcamp investment will pay for itself 10–100x in fundraising results. If not more.

How is this course different?

There’s an abundance of e-learning content available to nonprofit leaders. We spent weeks finding and studying them all. So why did we build this Bootcamp? Because we couldn’t find one that was 100%. This course is the only in the world (that we know of!) which is purely brand-focused; combines consultancy experience and templates; follows one simple path; brings both Global North + South perspectives; has a completion certificate; and is affordable.

Do I have to complete it in 40 days?

Absolutely not. We structured it to give you one, simple, timed path to follow. But life happens. There are 40 days of content. Work at your own pace. It doesn’t have to be completed in a single pass. Although most modules are linear — so don’t skip unless you’ve done the work!

How much time do I need?

It’s called Bootcamp for a reason. Building a brand takes focus and discipline — especially when doing it on your own. Plan for an average of 15 minutes per day to watch the video content. Then block at least 45 minutes afterwards to do the work.

Can I take the Bootcamp and still become a client?

Of course! We hope this Bootcamp gives you all the tools and confidence to build your brand on your own. But if you want to engage Mighty Ally further after this course, great. You’ll be ahead of the game in understanding our framework.

Can I complete the Bootcamp using only my mobile phone?

Yep! You can certainly access the content on a mobile browser. Or, after you make your purchase, just download the official Kajabi mobile app from Google Play or the App store for a native, mobile experience.

Does everyone on my team need to buy it?

If you purchase one Bootcamp and the entire team takes the course together using one computer — awesome. But if you intend to share login credentials with multiple members of your team to use independently — that was not our intention. So consider purchasing separately for each user, please and thanks.

Why is it so inexpensive?

We wanted any changemaker, anywhere, to be able to afford brand guidance. And we know most early-stage nonprofits don’t have the resources to hire our consulting practice — where engagements cost tens of thousands.

What are you waiting for?

Good brands cost some time and money. But bad brands cost a fortune.