Top 10 social posts of 2022.

From decolonization to a Jeff Bezos comms trick, here’s our most popular LinkedIn content of the year

Portrait of Kevin Brown, Co-founder & CEO of Mighty Ally


“Just write every day of your life,” says author Ray Bradbury. “Read intensely. Then see what happens.”

So while the Mighty Ally blog and newsletter remain our comms focus, I started a daily writing ritual this year. After devouring my Feedly sources each morning, I wrote a little bit. Most days, I also shared these thoughts on LinkedIn.

Thanks to a small-but-growing 1,870 followers (grateful for you!) and 192,000 total impressions, we got a sense of the brand ideas that resonated most. And of which learnings could help more social ventures grow.

These are our top 10 social posts of 2022.











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