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The anatomy of a social sector brand.

A brand is the sum of many parts, like humans. But while humans have been studied extensively, brand is still an undeveloped practice in the social sector. It often takes a back seat in the hierarchy of needs. To create a strong brand, follow our Four A's framework.


Strategic planning, simplified.

Strategic planning shouldn’t be so complicated. But the bias toward thinking vs. doing makes it complex and ineffective. Plans end up all strategy, no tactics. A new way is needed. A good strat plan has two parts, with five steps each – that’s it. Download our free template to get started.


Stone carving of a Greek soldier.

Amplifying your brand with marketing communications.

You don’t have to amplify your brand to achieve social change. But it’s almost impossible to scale without it. The practice of marcom can be overwhelming. Here are four steps to help you develop visuals, messages, channels, and partnerships to get your story out to the world.


Greta Thunberg addressing a crowd of media using a bullhorn.
“Mighty Ally goes where no one else is willing, in support of partners and challenging ideas. They’re unicorns in their ability to perfectly blend facilitating, coaching, and direct implementing.”